Our Mission:

To promote well-being and cultivate healthy change by empowering individuals to explore, understand, manage, and heal mental health challenges through the creative process.

Our Model:

Halifax Art Therapy is dedicated to making mental health services more accessible and has adapted a model founded by Canevas Art Therapy Centre called "Canevas in Waiting". In alignment with this model, a percentage of every paid Art Therapy session is put into a fund to provide free and low-cost services for those in need.               

"A tradition of kindness and caring."

The Canevas in waiting model is based off of the pending coffee movement that began in Naples, Italy, when a customer entered a cafe and paid for two coffees, but only drank one, leaving the second to be given for free to someone who could not afford it. 

Halifax Art Therapy 

1226 Hollis Street, Unit 103

Halifax, Nova Scotia



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